Monday, September 19, 2005

Skins Win! Skins Win! Skins Win!

The Dallas Cowboys scheduled the Washington Redskins as homecoming patsies, and Washington delivered tonight in Dallas. Washington gained just 160 yards of offense, averaged just 3.3 yards per play, turned the ball over twice, and gave up 5 sacks as their offense sputtered through it's eighth quarter with no touchdowns.

Unbelievable! The Redskins win on back to back deep touchdown passes to Santana Moss in the last three minutes of the game, the first on a fourth-and-15 play! This is how the Redskins have usually lost to the Cowboys over the last few years. Is this the end of the seven-year-curse--just 1 Redskins win in the past 15 tries? The announcers said Bill Parcels was 77-0 when leading by 13 or more in the fourth quarter. For Redskins fans this game will rank as one of the most memorable moments of all time--like rookie Darrell Green running down Tony Dorsett from behind to stop a breakaway touchdown run in 1983.

One Dallas fan held up a sign in the second half reading, "Danny Snyder Bought the Redskins but Dallas Owns Them." I think Joe Gibbs just paid off the mortgage!

Seriously, though, post-makeover Jerry Jones does make a good homecoming queen!


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