Tuesday, September 13, 2005

AP Coins a New Anti-Bush Line

AP runs a story today headlined, "Over 40 Bodies at New Orleans Hospital." The lede:
NEW ORLEANS - On a day when President Bush declared "there is recovery on the way" in New Orleans, officials made a ghastly discovery of more than 40 bodies inside an evacuated hospital.

Prediction: For several weeks we'll get a running count of the bodies discovered in New Orleans "since President Bush declared 'there is recovery on the way'." Wait and see.

UPDATE: We get results! (Heh) The story was partially rewritten 3 1/2 hours later. It's now headlined, "Flights Resuming Into New Orleans Today," and begins:

NEW ORLEANS - Officials got ready for the arrival Tuesday of the first commercial flight at New Orleans' airport since Hurricane Katrina hit, and the coroner said autopsies were planned for the bodies of at least 44 people found at a hospital.

You can read the original version here and the updated version here. After a quick search it appears that only the UK Guardian still has the original version on it's site. A search of Yahoo News pulls up links to the original article but the links actually point to the new version. A number of other newspapers appear to have rewritten the lede before posting the article. The story was written by Adam Nossiter. It might be interesting to check out what else he's written lately.

UPDATE: The link at the top of the post again points to the original article as posted on Yahoo News. AP continues to update the story with new information so perhaps they weren't embarrassed by the original lede.

UPDATE: Thanks to Stephen Spuiell of the NRO Media Blog for the link!

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