Sunday, September 11, 2005

Orleans Parish Board Meeting Minutes

The Orleans Parish school board meeting minutes referenced in my Painfully Right on Buses post have disappeared from Google's cache. When I wrote that post I searched and reviewed the minutes and agendas from a number of other Orleans Parish board meetings to find out why they never resolved the outstanding issues preventing use of school buses by the city. Those other documents have also disappeared from Google's cache. I have archived a full copy of the June 9, 2005 Orleans Parish school board meeting minutes here.

Is this nefarious cache purging by Google? I don't know. Other older and newer boad meeting documents are stilled cached. On the other hand I've been meaning to write a post on the odd day-to-day behavior I've observed from Google lately.

UPDATE: A poster at Blogcritics goes through a great deal of effort to say the unused school buses don't matter because there were only enough to evacuate about 30,000 people before Katrina hit. I'm not sure these folks would appreciate his logic.

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