Thursday, September 15, 2005

Maryland's Gosplanites Busy Again

Radio station WTOP in Washington, D.C reports that Maryland lawmakers are bothered by high gas prices. The pol's are demanding answers from oil and gas suppliers and considering legislation against price gouging.

They must have forgotten about that little law they passed in 2001 mandating minimum gas prices to protect independant service stations from competition with big chains like Sheetz and Wawa! Why not skip to the point and set the darn price at whatever they want it to be?!

UPDATE: Atlas Blogged reminds me that Maryland's brain trust stopped Wawa from offering free coffee with fill-ups last year. That was deemed a violation of the minimum price laws. Is it just me or are the governments of Maryland and San Francisco, CA disproportionately highlighted for their asinine legislative proposals? Hmmm. Annapolis and San Francisco are near the 39th parallel, as are Beijing and Pyongyang, capitals of the principal remaining communist countries on earth. Verrrry interesting.

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