Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Keeping Cool

Today in Washington people who've spent their lives doing useful, productive things are being publicly berated by preening camera hogs who mostly waste other people's time and money. At times like this I simply remind myself that politician damage control is the core strength of our constitutional republic and let it go...


Tom Copeland said...

A quote from the article:

The executives appeared before the members of the two committees in a meeting room with wood paneling and a big Senate seal.

Er... OK, glad they got that detail in there.

Ashley said...

Building gravitas for the proceedings? A budding novelist, perhaps?

With more practice he'll tell us about the wood's type, color, and texture. Was it smooth, dark-stained oak? Rough-hewn red pine? Retro 1970's particle board? I'm dying to know!

But heaven forbid that we get any useful context like, say, oil industry profits and losses over the past few decades; or profits compared against the average S&P 500 company; or compared against Microsoft, eBay, and Google; or even profits as a percentage of sales!