Saturday, November 19, 2005

Confirmed Case of Mad Lib

Canadian Cynic didn't like my last post contrasting real political persecution in North Korea with the American left's paranoid fantasy version.

His response is--recounting an Iraqi crime during the 1991 invasion of Kuwait that proved untrue. Which is of course completely irrelevant and demonstrates my point that there's little chance of engaging in rational discourse with the angry left.

Cynic is skeptical because he feels the North Korean Christians who were killed demonstrated less refined spycraft than he would expect of the average Ludlum-tutored Westerner.

Perhaps the story is untrue. We may never know for certain. But even smart people make fatal mistakes. And everyone in the world is not as bright as Cynic.

If the report I described isn't well-documented enough for his tastes he might browse over to Amazon's Political Oppression & Imprisonment section where he'll find enough sobering material to occupy him for several years.

Sad as it is I'm not surprised by his response. Confronting the hard truth that you're the Veruca Salt of dissidentry can't be easy.

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