Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Eyewitness to Saddam's Evil

Saddam Hussein goes on trial today for 143 of his hundreds of thousands of murders. Take a few minutes to read this eyewitness account of his crime from an Iraqi doctor who, as a bewildered seven-year-old, lost 35 relatives that day in 1982. Read what he says of Saddam's prisons, including Abu-Ghraib where his grandfather and aunt died, and consider how contemptible is Massachusetts' Ted "Hogshead" Kennedy who in 2004 declaimed that Saddam's torture chambers had reopened under U.S. managment. Omar Ali of Iraq the Model met this man at a copy shop in 2003 where he was duplicating photos of his lost and murdered relatives in hopes of finding their remains. For many Americans the most haunting image of 9/11 was of the thousands of photographs posted in downtown Manhattan by relatives of the dead and missing. Multiply by a hundred cities, 30 years, and over 300,000 dead and you begin to comprehend post-Saddam Iraq.
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John said...

I hope he gets what he deserves, which is a nice hot spot in hell.

Anonymous said...

I hope TV networks show his HANGING when it does happen. That's the very least bit of justice his victims should have.