Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Jumping to the Front of the Idiot Queue

Woman in front of gym TV: "We just have to figure out a way to stop these [hurricanes], whether it's global warming that's causing them or whatever!"

TV News anchor (repeatedly referring to a TV shot of a construction site crane): "I can't believe that crane withstood the hurricane-force winds of Katrina!"
(Yes, quite amazing for a thin, relatively aerodynamic structure designed to withstand massive shearing loads!)

Cindy Sheehan: George W. Bush to blame for Katrina!

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.: George W. Bush and Haley Barbour to blame for Katrina!

U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson: Oil companies should freeze gas prices!

CA Sen. Joe Dunn (explaining why California imposing gasoline price controls won't cause shortages): "The only reason we would have long gas lines is if this industry deliberately does that to the consumers of California. There is no competitive reason why, with price caps for example, we would have gasoline lines." (maybe "asserting" is a better description)

A whole bunch more economic illiterates: Cap fuel prices!

Hawaiian Legislature: Hooray! We've capped gas prices!

Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights: Oil Companies' Profiteering to Blame for Gas Price Spike!

Sorry, I just had to get those off my chest.

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Anonymous said...

Hmmmmmmmmmmm - one thing in commmon with all of those idiotic statements - they are all from the LEFT side. GO FIGURE.